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PhD awards for Peter Zijlstra, Mr. Xiangping Li and Jiafang Li

Tuesday July 7 2009

The Centre for Micro-Photonics is pleased to announce that three students have recently been awarded doctorates through their research in the centres nanophotonic optical data storage and photonic crystal projects.

Dr. Zijlstra graduated with his thesis titled

"Photothermal properties of gold nanorods and their application to five-dimensional optical recording",
Dr. X. Li on his thesis
"Nanoparticle-based multi-dimensional optical data storage" and
Dr. J. Li on his thesis
"Functionalisation of three-dimensional photonic crystals for emission control"

After completion of their thesis, Dr. Zijlstra and Dr. J. Li have returned to the Netherlands and China respectively to continue their careers, whilst Dr. X. Li has taken on a postdoctoral position within the centre.