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2011 CUDOS Official Launch

Friday April 15 2011

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) was officially relaunched by the Australian Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science & Research, Senator the. Hon Kim Carr.

CUDOS is one of a small number of flagship research centres funded under the Australian Research Council’s prestigious Centres of Excellence program. CUDOS is a collaboration between Australia's leading universities with photonic research programs – The University of Sydney, ANU, Macquarie University, Swinburne University of Technology, RMIT, Monash University and UTS – and partner investigators from the world's leaders in photonic research, both globally and locally.

Established in 2003, CUDOS advanced a vision of developing an integrated photonic-based signal processing platform – a photonic chip. In 2009, in collaboration with researchers in Europe, CUDOS demonstrated that photonic chips could indeed be used to switch data at speeds that approached terabits a second. Now in 2010, with additional funding of $23.8 million secured until 2017, CUDOS is about to enter the most exciting stage of its history. CUDOS 2011 – 2017 will build on its previous achievements by researching photonic chips for applications in quantum signal processing and mid infrared technologies as well as in high speed optical communications.

CUDOS 2011 – 2017 will initiate a broad-ranging program in nanophotonics focusing on metamaterials and plasmonics, with the aim of developing miniature devices whose operation depends on optical characteristics that are unattainable with bulk materials. Hybrid integration, the marriage of dissimilar materials into one monolithic device, will be an active area of research, both to blend existing platforms used by CUDOS researchers into one device and to integrate the new classes of structured materials into existing platforms. The Research Program will cover theory and experiment from fundamental physics to engineering-level application.

The relaunch of the Centre by the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science & Research, Senator the. Hon Kim Carr officially opens this new chapter of Australian research of which Swinburne's Centre for Micro-Photonics will heavily contribute.

The official relaunch video can be viewed below.