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Salmaan Rashid Syed awarded a PhD

Thursday November 24 2016

Congratulations to CMP student Salmaan Rashid Syed who was awarded a PhD degree on 21 November 2016.

Salmaan started his PhD in June 2012 under the supervision of A. Prof. James W.M Chon. The title of his thesis is "Raman Spectroscopy and Z-Scan Based Third Order Nonlinear Study of Graphene & Plasmonic Metal Nanohybrids"

The thesis presents Raman spectroscopy and Z-Scan based third order nonlinear study of single layer graphene, multilayer graphene and their hybridization with noble metals for near-infrared wavelengths. Raman spectroscopy study was used in distinguishing the G, D and 2D band enhancement due to charge transfer effect from the surface plasmon effect in hybrid materials for the first time. Z-Scan was used to explore the effect of crystallinity on the nonlinear properties of hybrid materials. The study of these hybrid materials is useful in developing wide variety of scientific applications such as surface-enhance Raman spectroscopy based sensing, antennas, catalysis etc.