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Dr.Damien Hicks has been awarded the ARC Future Fellowship to conduct his project at the CMP

Thursday July 24 2014

Dr.Damien Hicks has been awarded the ARC Future Fellowship. The project that Dr. Hicks will conduct at the CMP is "Ultrafast Photonic Electron Microscopy: Visualising dynamics at the nanoscale".

Dr. Hicks is currently employed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA). He completed his PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) (Applied Plasma Physics/Nuclear Engineering), MSc at Stanford University (USA) (Mechanical Engineering) and BSc at Stanford University (USA) (Mechanical Engineering). He is a world-leader scientist and has published widely in lasers, laser physics, and plasma physics in the top quality journals including Science, Nature Physics and Phys. Rev. Lett.

Congratulations to Dr.Hicks on this prestigious award and welcome to join in the CMP.