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Dr Wensheng Yan presents an invited LabTalk for the featured paper in Journal of Optics

Thursday April 17 2014

Dr Wensheng Yan has recently presented an invited LabTalk in Journal of Optics for their featured paper about the ultrathin a-Si solar cells. As is known, an essential challenge for ultrathin a-Si solar cells is the light trapping issue. In this Talk, he presented a research insight on the modelling and design principles of the broadband light trapping in ultrathin a-Si solar cells. In their feature paper, they have shown a more reliable modelling and design principle for ultrathin a-Si solar cells. A highly cost-effective a-Si solar cells with conformal Al:ZnO nanoarrays is proposed as a result of simulation.

More details on this Talk are published in Journal of Optics

The featured paper can be found in Journal of Optics with the details of “Comparative study of light absorption enhancement in ultrathin a-Si:H solar cells with conformal parabolaconical nanoarrays”, Wensheng Yan and Min Gu, Journal of Optics, 16 (4), 045003 (2014).

Another research paper of “High light-directing micrometer-sized parabolic mirror arrays” by Wensheng Yan, Md Muntasir Hossain and Min Gu has been recently featured in Advances in Engineering. More details on this work can be found in Opt. Lett. 38 (16), 3177-3180 (2013).

Dr Wensheng Yan is currently an Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) Postdoctoral Fellowship working at Swinburne University of Technology.

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