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Vice-Chancellor's award winners at CMP

Tuesday December 8 2009

Congratulations to Baohua Jia for receiving a Vice-Chancellor's Research Award (Early Career) and to Peter Zijlstra, James Chon and Min Gu for receiving Vice-Chancellor's Research awards.

Dr. Baohua Jia received her Vice-Chancellor's Research Award (Early Career) for research excellence in the fields of nanophotonics and biophotonics including:

  • successfully securing competitive ARC grants, and particularly a multi-million dollar Victorian Sciences Agenda grant

  • sucessfully planning and managing the ARC Centre of Excellence, CUDOS project

  • conducting world-class research, and publication of high-quality papers in prestigious international journals

  • successfully attracting and supervising high quality research students

Dr Peter Zijlstra, Dr James Chon and Professor Min Gu recieved a Vice-Chancellor's Research Award for developing a novel five-dimensional optical storage using gold nanorods to achieve the world's highest storage. The award also cited the following achievments relating to the research.
  • publication in the high impact journal 'Nature', and selection for the cover page of the May 21, 2009 Issue

  • giving the University outstanding publicity at national and international levels

  • raising Swinburne's profile as a supportive environment for research students

  • successfully focussing and targeting research to deliver impact

A full list of Vice-Chancellor's awards can be found here.