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Bio-photonics lab

Research activities:

· Multi-photon fluorescence imaging of tissue using a multi-port single mode fibre
· Multi-photon real time fluorescence imaging of tissue
· Fluorescence based characterization of cell mechanics


MaiTai   FV300
Spectra-Physics Mai Tai femtosecond laser [730nm – 870 nm]   Olympus FluoView confocal scanning microscope with fibre coupled Argon:Ion [488nm] laser and free-space coupled Mai Tai laser
Streak Camera  

Other Facilities:

· Perkin Elmer UltraView LCI single-photon confocal real time scanning system with Olympus IX71 microscope and fibre coupled laser [488nm, 546nm and 647nm]

· Multi-photon fibre based microscope

· Photonic crystal fibre

· Oriel PMT

Hamamatsu Streak Camera (picosecond time resolution) for time resolved fluorescence measurements.