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News Archive - 2008

News from the year 2008

18.12.2008 Golden vibrations

Nature Publishing Group Asia Materials has selected a recent publication as a research highlight ( this month. The highlighted paper ( was a result of the ongoing collaboration between Prof. Michel Orrit from the Single Molecule Optics group at Leiden University in The Netherlands, and Dr. James Chon from the CMP. It was published in Nano Letters and is titled" Acoustic Oscillations and Elastic Moduli of Single Gold Nanorods" by Peter Zijlstra, Anna Tchebotareva, James Chon, Min Gu, and Michel Orrit. Using ultrafast spectroscopy the authors for the first time measured the acoustic vibrations in single gold nanorods. In contrast to earlier reports on ensemble measurements, the elastic moduli of these small particles were found to be close to the value for bulk gold.

10.11.2008 PhD awards for Smitha Kuriakose and Michael Ventura

Smitha Kuriakose and Michael Ventura both received their doctoral degree at the 2008 Swinburne Graduation and Award Ceremonies, held at 23 October in the Hawthorn Townhall. Dr. Kuriakose graduated on her thesis titled " Characterisation of near field optical trapping and biological applications" describing the near-field excitation of whispering gallery modes in small spheres. Dr. Ventura graduated on his thesis titled " Fabrication and characterisation of three-dimensional photonic crystals", in which he describes the use of passive and active photonic crystals to control the propagation of light.

13.10.2008 Two-photon fluorescence - A better view

Nature Photonics ( has highlighted a recent CMP publication in the Research Highlights ( section. The highlighted paper describes the development of a hand held two-photon microendoscope based on double-clad fibre that displays a field of view of 475 um x 475 um. The probe has an axial and lateral resolution of around 1 um and 14.5 um — close to the diffraction limit for the numerical aperture of the lens in the probe at the end of the fibre. The endoscope was used for in vivo imaging of the kidney surface of a rat injected with fluorescin. The paper can be found at

04.09.2008 Three postdoctoral research fellow positions available

Three new postdoctoral research fellow positions are available in the CMP. The positions concern research toward the development of optical devices for multi-dimensional optical data storage , organic dyes for photovoltaics , and the development of a new nonlinear optical (/engineering/cmp/attachments/PD%20Position-ARCendo2008.pdf) endoscope probe for in vivo cellular tissue imaging and cancer treatment

20.08.2008 Professor Min Gu appointed advisor to the Vice-Chancellor

Professor Min Gu has been appointed as "Special Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor" in the development of strategies to significantly enhance the quality and quantity of research-active staff within the University.

12.08.2008 Gold nanorods help with void fabrication

Gold nanorods have a strong absorption band due to their local surface plasmon resonance. Kyongsik Choi et al. from the CMP have shown that this strong absorption band can assist with void fabrication. They showed that an optically transparent polymer can be doped with the gold nanorods. When fabricating void structures they found that the fabrication threshold power is reduced by an order of magnitude compared to a polymer which is not doped with the gold nanorods. These void structures have important applications in three dimensional optical data storage, micro-fluidics and photonic crystal applications. The paper was published by Advanced Functional Materials and was featured on the inside front cover of the August 6 issue.

06.08.2008 Professor Min Gu elected as Fellow of the Institute of Physics

Professor Min Gu has been elected as a Fellow of the (IoP). This senior class of membership indicates a very high level of achievement in physics and an outstanding contribution to the profession.

04.08.2008 Research at the CMP highlighted in Optics and Photonics News

An article about the CMP has appeared in the July/August 2008 issue of Optics and Photonics News . The article was written by Prof. Barry Masters, who visited the CMP for a month in July 2007.

"The Centre for Micro-Photonics at Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology has emerged as a leader in interdisciplinary photonics education and research.... The CMP is an international cooperative center that trains Australian and international students in a well-equipped and modern environment. The collaborations include national institutions, major educational and research institutes outside of Australia, and cooperative projects with industry. In just ten years, the CMP has achieved a well-deserved reputation as a world-class educational and research center."

21.07.2008 Annual Report 2007 released

The 2007 Annual Report for the Centre for Micro-Photonics can be found here . Last year was a fruitful year for the CMP with 21 published journal papers, 43 conference presentations, and 2 patent applications. The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) was extended till 2010 with AUS 7.5m funding. Also a wide range of industrial collaborations was established including partnerships with Genera Biosystems, Optiscan, and the CRC for polymers. Read more .

18.07.2008 Dots brighten up dyes

Nature Photonics has highlighted a recent CMP publication in a Technology Focus dedicated to optical data storage. The highlighted paper by Xiangping Li, James W.M. Chon, Richard Evans, and Min Gu was published in Applied Physics Letters and reports that two-photon absorption can be used to excite resonance energy transfer from luminescent CdS quantum dots to azo-dye molecules. The resultant isomerization of the azo-dye molecules leads to a pronounced refractive-index change, which can be used to represent data bits. The publication is titled " Two-photon energy transfer enhanced three-dimensional optical memory in quantum-dot and azo-dye doped polymers", and can be found here (subscription required).

28.05.2008 Thesis Michael Ventura

Our congratulations to Michael Ventura who was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for his thesis titled 'Fabrication and characterisation of three-dimensional photonic crystals'.

28.05.2008 Prof. Min Gu appointed to International Science Linkages assessment panel

Prof. Min gu was appointed to the International Science Linkages (ISL) assessment panel. The ISL program is part of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) and supports Australian scientists, from both the public and private sectors, to collaborate with international partners on leading edge science and technology.

28.05.2008 Prof. Min Gu awarded Senior Membership of IEEE

Prof Min Gu has been awarded the Senior Membership of the International Society of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE ). Senior Member is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply and requires at least 10 years professional practice and significant performance during the last 5 years of professional practice.

26.05.2008 Taming the Spontaneous

Nature Publishing Group Asia Materials has selected a recent CMP publication as a featured highlight this month. The highlighted paper was published in Advanced Materials and is titled " Engineering spontaneous emission in a quantum-dot-doped polymer nanocomposite with three-dimensional photonic crystals" by Michael J. Ventura and Min Gu. It describes the modification of the spontaneous emission rate of lead-selenide quantum dots embedded in a three-dimensional woodpile photonic crystal.

14.05.2008 MB BS PhD FRACP Alex Boussioutas new adjunct Associate Professorial fellow in CMP

MB BS PhD FRACP Alex Boussioutas from Melbourne University, the Western Hospital and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has been appointed by the Swinburne University Council as an Associate Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Micro-Photonics. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in Gastroenterology. Associate Professor Boussioutas will be actively involved in the nonlinear endoscopy project.

17.04.2008 Book chapter Prof. Min Gu

Recently the "Handbook of Biomedical Nonlinear Optical Microscopy" was released by Oxford University Press . This book was edited by Prof. Barry Masters and Prof. Peter So, and contains a contribution from Prof. Min Gu. It provides comprehensive treatment of the theories, techniques, and biomedical applications of nonlinear optics and microscopy for cell biologists, life scientists, biomedical engineers, and clinicians.

04.04.2008 Sir Mark Oilphant International Frontiers of Science and Technology Conference Series - Nanophotonics down under 2009

Congratulations to Prof. Min Gu for a successful bid to host the next meeting in the Sir Mark Oliphant Conference - International Frontiers of Science and Technology conference series. "Nanophotonics Down Under 2009" will be held in Melbourne from 21st - 24th June 2009. Please click here for the conference website.


Mr. Jiafang Li and Mr. Xiangping Li have been awarded a prestigious Chinese government award for outstanding self financed students abroad. This prize was awarded by the Minister of Education of China. This worldwide competitive award is founded by the Chinese government since 2003. There are only 301 recipients worldwide, of which Australia has 21.

29.02.2008 Poster prize Michael Ventura

Congratulations to Michael Ventura who has received the first prize for the best staff poster presentation at the 7th CUDOS Workshop held in Murramarang Resort, NSW, Australia.

04.02.2008 Thesis Smitha Kuriakose

Our congratulations to Smitha Kuriakose who was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for her thesis titled 'Characterisation of near field optical trapping and biological applications'.