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Some Recent Developments in Engineering Wave-Matter Interactions


Professor Cheng-Wei Qiu

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore


I will report some of our recent developments in engineering and manipulating light-matter interactions, via the artificial materials, structures, and light beams. We address the unprecedented light behavior, particle manipulation, and its implications when the dimension and wavelength are scaled down. In particular, the low-dimension and high-frequency scaling may promise a lot more interesting applications, while the challenges in design principle and fabrication capability will become critical limits. Nano-patterned surfaces to modulate and structure novel light behavior will be studied and the following advanced functionalities will be discussed, powered by metamaterials, metasurface and nanofabrication: farfield super-resolution focusing/anti-focusing, 3D-5D hologram, dynamic OAM generation, EM camouflage/illusion, plasmonic high-resolution prints, and optical manipulation, etc. Our work paves a roadmap to design sophisticated and advanced optical devices, with low dimension, miniaturization, randomness, and scaled-up capability.


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