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All optical interrogation of semiconductor nanowires: photonics at the nanoscale

Dr. Peter J. Reece

School of Physics, University of New South Wales

3:30 pm Friday, 20 May 2011, EN101 Lecture Theatre (EN Building), Hawthorn.

The demonstration of optical micomanipulation of semiconductor nanowires has enabled new opportunities in nano-scale photonic assembly [1] and scanning probe microscopy [2]. Flexibility in orienting, manipulating and interrogating complex nanoscale objects and compatibility with novel microscopy and spectroscopy techniques provides a powerful platform for investigating nanophotonic interactions.

In this talk I will discuss our recent work on optical trapping and spectroscopic characterization of luminescent InP nanowires[3].  The motivation for this research is to interrogate the photo-excitation, emission and light guiding properties of semiconductor nanowires in order to understand how geometry, composition and environmental factors affect their performance as optoelectronic components; and to explore optical interactions between small numbers of these nano-scale objects in simple arrangements to intimate how they can be used as elementary building blocks for creating integrated photonic devices.

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2.   Nakayama, Y., et al., Tunable nanowire nonlinear optical probe. Nature, 2007. 447(7148): p. 1098-U8.
3.   Reece, P.J., et al., Combined optical trapping and microphotoluminescence of single InP nanowires. Applied Physics Letters, 2009. 95(10): p. 101109.

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