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Studies of Universality in Strongly Interacting 6Li Fermi Gases with Bragg Spectroscopy

Eva Kuhnle

Centre for Atom Optics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy

11:00am Friday, 29 April 2011, EN214, EN Building, Hawthorn.

Universal relations for dilute, strongly interacting Fermi systems can be studied in ultracold fermionic 6Li quantum gases using Bragg spectroscopy. Elastic collisions in strongly interacting Fermi gases become unitarity limited and independent of details of the atomic properties. The thermodynamic behaviour of these gases in any state or at any temperature is adequately described by universal relations. A central quantity that enters these relations is the contact parameter, which encapsulates the microscopic details of the system and varies with the temperature and interaction strength.

In particular the experimental verification of the universal relation for the two-body correlation function and the temperature dependence of the contact are discussed. We use Bragg spectroscopy with large momentum transfer and apply sum rules to extract the contact from Bragg spectra where either the momentum or energy transferred to an atomic sample is evaluated.

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