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Development of Compact High-power Ultrashort Pulse Yb-YAG Lasers and Applications - Fukui University/Industry/Government Cooperative Project

Professor Takao Kobayashi

Faculty of Engineering, Fukui University, Japan

11.30am, Monday 27 September 2004, AR103 Seminar Room, Graduate Research Centre

A new Yb:YAG solid-state laser has been developed for generating efficient and high-power CW and ultrashort pulse output at 1.03 Ám. This laser will be a future alternative of high-power Nd:YAG lasers and ultrashort Ti:sapphire lasers. Basic and practical performance of this laser is introduced together with a cooperative research and development system among university, industry and government in Japan. Some other recent applications of solid-state lasers in the laboratory will also be introduced briefly in the field of industry and remote sensing of the environment.

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