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The Quantum Kicked Rotor Using a Bose-Einstein Condensate

Dr Gráinne Duffy

Centre for Atom Optics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Swinburne University of Technology

3.30pm, Friday 30 April 2004, AR103 Seminar Room, Graduate Research Centre

We report the experimental observation of resonances in the early-time momentum diffusion rates for the atom-optical delta-kicked rotor. In this work, which was carried out in the University of Otago, a Bose-Einstein condensate provides a source of ultra-cold atoms with an ultra-narrow initial momentum distribution, which is then subjected to periodic pulses (or “kicks”) using an intense far-detuned optical standing wave. A quantum resonance occurs when the momentum eigenstates accumulate the same phase between kicks leading to ballistic energy growth. Conversely, an anti-resonance is observed when the phase accumulated from successive kicks cancels and the system returns to its initial state. In addition to this work, some preliminary results will be presented showing the effect of interactions on the condensate wave function. Our experimental results are compared with theoretical predictions.

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