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Quantum Gases

The Quantum Gases group explores the quantum nature of atomic media, particularly ultracold atomic media. Ultracold gases are a perfect tool for testing the laws of quantum mechanics and for the simulation of more complex quantum systems. The group has four projects: Ultracold Bosonic Gases, Ultracold Fermi Gases, Magnetic Lattices and Quantum Coherence.
Atom Chip

Ultracold Bosonic Gases

Permanent magnetic film and current-carrying wire technologies are combined for the production and manipulation of Bose Einstein Condensates.

Atom Chip

Ultracold Fermi Gases

We have produced a Molecular BEC by the association of ultracold fermionic 6Li atoms.

Magnetic Lattice

Magnetic Lattices

We have produced an array of BECs in a one dimensional lattice formed above an array of permanent magnets.

Quantum Coherence

Atomic Coherence

Light induced atomic coherence is used to modify the propagation properties and speed of light, and to generate new optical fields at low light intensity.