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Cosmology with ultracold atoms wins prize at ICOLS2017

July 2017

The International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy (ICOLS) is a leading forum for scientists to meet and discuss latest the advances in quantum gas physics and spectroscopy. The ICOLS2017 conference was held at Arcachon, France, 2-8 July, and hosted about 250 researchers who presented 35 invited talks and ~200 posters. Poster prizes were awarded for the best contributions to science. The CQOS poster 'Table-Top Cosmology with a Spinor Bose Gas' (by A. Sidorov, A. Fialko, B. Opanchuk, P. Drummond and J. Brand) was awarded the Physical Review Journals prize for the best poster contribution. This recognition acknowledges the outstanding contribution that CQOS scientists continue to bring to the development of quantum physics.