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CQOS publication receives Editor's suggestion award from Physical Review A

CQOS researchers have carried out a full quantum simulation of the photon-phonon interaction in an optomechanical system, receiving an Editor's suggestion award from prestigious US physics journal, Physical Review A. The novel simulations were carried out by graduating CQOS PhD students Run Yan Teh and Simon Kiesewetter, whose PhD research was supervised by Margaret Reid and Peter Drummond. The implications for the quantum storage of coherent states are discussed, showing that even with current experimental parameters, strong nonlinear effects can dominate spectral features and reduce the quantum memory fidelity, with important implications for quantum technology.

Link to paper:

Simulation of an optomechanical quantum memory in the nonlinear regime
R. Y. Teh, S. Kiesewetter, M. D. Reid, and P. D. Drummond
Physical Review A 96, 013854 (2017)