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Quantum-Atom Optics beyond Bells

A workshop organised and hosted by ACQAO, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Atom Optics.

26-28 November 2008
Grand Pacific Hotel,
Lorne, Victoria, Australia

10 Dec 08: pdf files of more than 20 talks are now accessible via the Program file. View by clicking on the titles of available talks.
This meeting is devoted to recent advances in quantum optics and ultracold quantum gases, both experimental and theoretical. It will be held in Lorne on Victoria's surf coast, on the world-renowned Great Ocean Road. It is timed to precede the Australian Institute of Physics Congress in Adelaide the following week.

The hotel has been booked out by the workshop from Tuesday 25 November through to Saturday morning, 29 November. It is intended that delegates should arrive on Tuesday. An informal reception is planned for Tuesday evening.

Quantum optics and atom optics
Atom-light entanglement
Bose Einstein condensates
Degenerate Fermi gases
Atom lasers
Atom chips
Atom interferometry
Molecular BECs
Bosons and fermions in lattices
Precision measurements using cold atoms
   and other related topics

Invited speakers

Overseas invited spakers include:

Brian Anderson (Arizona)
Wolfgang Ertmer (Hannover)
Kris Helmerson (Gaithersberg)
Hui Hu (Beijing)
Michael Mark (Innsbruck)
Markus Oberthaler (Heidelberg)
Luis Orozco (Maryland)
Dima Petrov (Paris)
Florian Schreck (Innsbruck)


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  Peter Hannaford
Russell McLean
Andrei Sidorov
Chris Vale
Brenton Hall
Tatiana Tchernova - Secretary


  Peter Hannaford
Hans Bachor
John Close
Peter Drummond
Karen Kheruntsyan
Andrei Sidorov
Andrew Truscott