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Australian Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Boeing Research and Technology Australia general manager Al Bryant (left) with Swinburne's Professor John Beynon

The Australian Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AusAMRC) is an initiative led by Swinburne University of Technology and The Boeing Company to research and develop new aerospace and other industry sector component materials and manufacturing technologies.

Located at Swinburne's Hawthorn campus, AusAMRC is an open and collaborative industry alliance seeking to develop technology-driven solutions to ensure Australian supplier organisations are amongst the most innovative, competitive and capable in the world.

Research projects are funded by membership fees and through partnerships with State and Federal Governments, as well as other leading research organisations.

What does AusAMRC do?

Coordinated by Boeing Research & Technology Australia, AusAMRC has been established to research and develop projects that will help Boeing Australia and Australian suppliers improve their capability to deliver globally competitive and high-quality Boeing products.

Based on the supply chain model for new technology research AusAMRC will initially focus on:

  • High performance machining of titanium and aluminium alloys;
  • Hybrid metal-composite components; and
  • Advanced tooling for integrated composite structures.

The Future for AusAMRC

AusAMRC works closely with the internationally acclaimed Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in the United Kingdom.

AusAMRC will join AMRC's network of world-leading aerospace supply chain companies and key government and international academic institutions to bring high performance machining technologies to Australian industry.

In 2011 AusAMRC will move into a new Advanced Technology Centre at Swinburne until construction of the proposed Advanced Manufacturing Centre Factory of the Future is complete.

How to become involved

Membership to AusAMRC provides a number of benefits including the opportunity to have a seat on the Board and influence the direction of future research projects.

All members can participate in and obtain the results of generic research projects.

Tiered memberships are available to meet your organisation's research and development commitment levels.


AusAMRC is part of “GlobalNet”, a group of Boeing-engaged research centres around the world. The group collaborates and coordinates its research efforts, including through an annual conference (2009 in the UK and 2010 in Italy).

The other centres are:

AusAMRC is based on and closely allied to the highly successful AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) at Sheffield University in the UK. The UK's AMRC is a £60 million collaboration among more than 40 partner organisations, comprising world leaders in the aerospace supply chain, key government offices and international academic institutions.