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Create a Mario style side scroller game in Unity

Author: Bill Trikojus

This tutorial demonstrates how to build a Mario style side scroller game in Unity.

Download a Unity package that contains a basic character animation.

Launch Video

Download a Unity project that builds on the concepts covered in the tutorial.



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2010-05-28: Alistair said:
Hey Bill, Awesome tutorial any chance on getting more?

2010-05-31: Bill Trikojus said:
Glad you enjoyed it. We will be running Unity again next semester so I'm sure some more tutes will go up then.

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2010-08-13: Tony Zharoff said:
The package doesn't extract properly as of (August 12th, 2010). Any chance on having it fixed soon?

2010-08-13: Tony Zharoff said:
Okay, this worked fine with PowerArchiver, but not with Winrar or the Windows Zip Archive tool built in with Windows 7 Home Edition. Just a heads up! :D

2010-08-31: Joe said:
This tut looks very good although the film doesnt for me, it did last week D:

2010-08-31: Joe said:
Doesnt *work* sorry..

2010-08-31: Bill Trikojus said:
Working fine for me. Maybe try a different browser.
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2010-09-09: Tony Zharoff said:
Suggesting to Joe:

Try letting the video finish loading before you click Play. I've noticed this can cause a problem with the video not loading. Or sometimes, the video just won't load. Try again later.

2010-10-07: Daggerhart said:
Package also unzips with 7-zip.

2010-11-06: Peter said:
Really love this tut Best one yet! we need more like this one! ;)smooth voice and tut!

2011-03-29: mudasar8k said:
Great tutorial..thanks

2011-04-26: Hana said:
thx for the tut, Bill... =)

2011-05-01: kee won kim said:
very nice tut!! thanks

2011-06-01: Raymond said:
Wonderful tutorial, thank you! At the end you mentioned enemies and enemy interaction in the next tutorial, but I don't see it listed on the index page. Is that one still coming? (hoping!)

2011-06-02: Micah said:
This is exactly what I have been looking for. I struggled with cocos and objective c. I recently switched to unity in hopes of successfully creating a 2d platformer. You rock! I cant wait for the follow up video!!

2011-06-06: Bill Trikojus said:
hmmm ran out of time on that one. I have a source file that includes enemies though so I will upload that when I get time.
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2011-06-07: Micah said:
That would be awesome and very helpful. I have learned a lot in tutorials from the people kind enough to upload them. Thank you for your contributions.

2011-06-07: Bill Trikojus said:
OK added another download link at the top.

All the best
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2011-08-15: Talal said:
hello guys
i have a question?
how does this guy do the symbol (that looks something like this) "ll" in minute 21:26

2011-08-15: Talal said:
i mean what button did he press in his keyboard?

2011-08-15: Bill Trikojus said:
Shift Backslash. Twice.
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2011-08-15: Talal said:
thx i spent years looking for it bored so i started pressing every button on my comp

2011-08-15: Talal said:
where can i find ur other tutorials?

2011-08-18: Talal said:
where can i find the 2nd tutorial of the - Create a Mario style side scroller game in Unity???

2011-08-18: Bill Trikojus said:
don't think I made one, but the extra download above contains the extra stuff that would have gone into the second tute.
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2011-08-19: Talal said:
k thx for the tutorial anyways

2011-08-20: Jon said:
Hi, Great tutorial :)

When I add in the code,


moveDirection=new Vector3(Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"),moveDirection.y/speed,0);

to allow the Char to change direction in the air, it causes my Char to no be able to jump any more. Any ideas? thx !

2011-10-22: Cesar said:
Hey mate, Great Tutorial, I hope you have the time to create the second part, it will be very useful for the ones learning unity.

Thanks again

Greetings from Cali, Colombia

2012-02-29: Spar said:
Hi, I am doing the Mario style tutorial and so far no problems but after putting in all the inputs for characters controller, still having an issue. Any help? Here's the error...

Assets/scripts/Char Controller.js(66,8): UCE0001: ';' expected. Insert a semicolon at the end.

I inserted a semicolon at the end, here's what i have.

}script RequireComponent(CharacterController);

only error left, fixed others. Thx,

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