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Maya Texturing - Building a chrome shader

Author: Steven Murdoch

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2008-05-14: Kenny Lesmana said:
very good tutorials, very helpful too thanks alot,who's create this tutorials anyway? thanks a lot

2008-05-15: Bill Trikojus said:
His name is Steven Murdoch and he crushes rocks with his bare hands.
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2008-07-23: prem said:
Maya Textureingh Tutorials

2008-07-26: gokul said:
Well bout this tutorial .... i dont understand as 2 y we gotta use the env sphere when we can get it done wthout adding that...
the xplanation was gud ... appretiable ....

2008-09-18: nitin said:
i wnt free maya uts.plz

2009-10-07: vipul said:
i want free car modeling maya video tutorial please

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