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Maya Integration - Preparing a low polygon vehicle to export using collada

Author: Steven Murdoch

When developing a 3D model to export using the collada maya exporter plug-in, it's important to keep the polygon count low, and apply a low resolution texture map. There are a few other things worth noting that will be covered in this series of video tutorials, where a low polygon vehicle model is created and exported using the collada maya export plug-in.

Tips and tricks when modeling low polygon models to use with collada.
bulletLaunch Video (4m 57s)

How to texture low polygon objects for use with the collada export plugin.
bulletLaunch Video (5m 39s)

Exporting your model to the .dae format using the collada export plugin.
bulletLaunch Video (4m 39s)








Download the final vehicle maya project here. (inludes .dae files)
Download the collada export plugin from

An introduction to papervision 3D and loading collada files into flash is available here.

These tutorials were recorded using Autodesk Maya 2008 Unlimited Extension 1.
Some aspects of this tutorial may differ depending on the software version being used.




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2008-12-12: gunnars said:
Hi,very interesting tutorial and loaded site. Please include the and the car.swf in the download Maya project.
Thanx again for a interesting site.

2009-03-20: stefan haller said:
Dear Steven,

I am based in Los Angeles and would like to discuss exporting animations to Collada files with you if you have some time. Would you be available to work as a consultant?

2009-03-23: steven said:
Hi Stefan,
Please check your email.


2010-02-20: jorge said:
Hi, very interesting your tutorial, can be done using 3D MAX or only with Maya.
Tks for sharing.

2010-04-16: Olivier said:
Great tutorial thank you.
Is there any available for exporting simple animationa?
Thanks you very much

2010-04-16: Steven said:
Hi Olivier, at the time if recording these tutorials, exporting animation for collada / papervision was limited, and we never investigated how to do so. However it can be done, I'm unsure if newer releases make the workflow easier as we are no longer using papervision for interactive 3d.

2010-09-09: Nauz said:
Just wanted to say thanks: Thanks.

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