Request a review of your mark

If you’re not happy with the mark you have received from an exam, assignment or other assessment item, you can request a review. 

We assess your work through a rigorous process to ensure we apply consistent assessment standards. To have your mark reviewed, you’ll need to have valid reasons.

The review process

Step 1: Meet with your unit convenor (local resolution)

To request a review of your mark, email your unit convenor to make an appointment to discuss your assessment. This begins what is known as the 'local resolution' process.

This must be done within 10 working days of your results being published or your assessment items being made available for collection. Keep a copy of your emails to show that you have lodged your request within the required timeframe.

Your unit convenor will work with you to try and resolve the matter. This may include:

  • checking that the assessment item was correctly marked
  • checking that the aggregate marks for assessment components have been taken into account
  • discussing the marking criteria in detail with you
  • reviewing your attendance or submission records
  • allowing you to submit or resubmit a section of an assignment where they are of the opinion that you had valid grounds for misinterpreting what was required.

After your meeting, the convenor will complete an Exam/Assessment Review Report. This is sent to the Faculty Student Progress Team, and kept as a record of the meeting. You will be asked to make any comments and sign the report.

Step 2: If you wish to appeal the local resolution you can lodge a complaint

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting with your unit convenor, you can lodge a complaint.

Your complaint must be submitted within 21 working days of your meeting. It can be submitted online and should include:

  • an outline of why you think the original assessment result is inappropriate
  • details of the outcome of the meeting with the unit convenor
  • any specific issues you believe are relevant to your mark
  • any new and relevant evidence.

Your complaint will be reviewed to determine if you qualify to be remarked. If a remark is granted, your work will be independently reassessed. You will be notified of the outcome in writing within 21 working days of your request.