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Casual & Part-Time Employment

The Casual and Part-time Employment Service assists and advises students in their job search on matters relating to workplace conditions.

What's the difference between part-time and casual jobs?

Casual employees are employed on an hourly or daily basis and do not get paid sick leave or annual leave but rates of pay are generally higher to make up for this.

Part-time employees work on a fixed amount of hours per week. They receive a pro-rata amount of the entitlements for annual and personal leave.

Value of part-time and casual jobs

  • Start your employment history
  • Gain employment experience
  • Build generic skills

Important Information for international students

International students must be enrolled in their course before commencing work.

You need a

  • Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Work Permit or student visa

Further information is available from Swinburne International

The student visa enables you to work 20 hours per week casual/part-time during semester and full time during breaks

For more information on employment in Australia, click here.

Looking for casual and part-time jobs

SwinEmploy, Swinburne’s online job service
All employment offers are posted on SwinEmploy which include casual/part-time and tutoring jobs.

To access this service students must login to SwinEmploy using the SIMS password to check and update their profile.

Jobs that are not accepted on SwinEmploy include

  • commission only positions
  • independent contracting arrangements where you are required to obtain an ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • work involving any unpaid trial/training periods
  • work involving any illegal activity.

Additional job search sites

Casual & Part-Time Jobs (Employers and Recruiters)

  • Unless they are 'vocational placements' as defined in the Act or where the student is undertaking work for a not-for-profit organisation.
  • Require them to pay any fees or cover their own expenses
  • Hence we cannot approve your job advertisement.


To find a tutor

Complete an online Tutoring Request form.

Requests will be advertised on SwinEmploy and interested students will contact you directly. This service is also available to members of the community.

To become a tutor

Check SwinEmploy regularly and apply directly to the advertised tutoring positions.

Important to remember

  • Always keep a record of job advertisements you have applied for.
  • Always get something in writing about hours and salary to be paid.
We recommend you seek advice if you are uncertain before entering into work arrangements.

Conditions of employment

Minimum pay and conditions of employment are specified in Enterprise Agreements and Awards.

The lowest rate of pay that can be paid to an adult is referred to as the minimum wage. Junior wages (for 15 to 21 year old workers) are a percentage of the adult wage.

Government Advice and Assistance

Job Watch
An employment rights legal centre which provides information and referral service if you have any problems or issues at work. Phone: 9662 1933 or 1800 331 617 (outside Melbourne) website:

The lowest rate of pay that can be paid to an adult is referred to as the minimum wage. Junior wages (for 15 to 21 year old workers) are a percentage of the adult wage.

Fair Work Ombudsman
For information and advice on wages, working conditions, awards and agreements, as well as complaints and advice on employment issues eg. wages recovery, unfair dismissal and discrimination, a href="">click here

or call: 13 13 94

Work Safe Victoria
For health and safety enquiries and workers compensation, click here or call 9641 1444 or 1800 136 089 (toll free).


For further details
please contact Shirley Martinow
or call 03 9214 4875.