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Six tips to help you decide

Selecting where to spend your study time over the next few years can be a tough decision, but there’s no need to stress. You’re way better off choosing somewhere that suits your learning style, goals and personality. Here are some ways to get in the know.

1. Study something you'll enjoy

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It can be tough going from picking VCE electives to having hundreds of courses to choose from, but that also means there's more chance to study something that really suits your interests.

Deciding on a direction you're truly passionate about means you'll connect more with the content, meet more like-minded fellow students, and find it easier to focus on the course material.

Whether you're inspired by your favourite subject from school, a pastime you're passionate about or your dream career, you’ll be able to find the course that fits.

2. Speak to people in the know

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When you're keen to get an idea of what it's like to head off to tertiary study, there's no better people to speak to than current students or alumni.

Ask around your friendship circles and you're sure to find you have a few mates with older siblings or friends who will be happy to tell you all about their uni experience.

If you're struggling to make those connections, head to an open day or information evening so you can hear first-hand from those in the know.

3. Choose the culture that suits you

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Not all unis are created equal, and that means the on-campus culture often feels really different depending on where you go.

Campuses can be vibrant communities, and studying on site an exciting and dynamic experience. You can even really take the plunge and live on-campus too!

Make sure you check out the range of events and activities on offer, and see if any clubs or societies suit your interests – they’re great ways to make new friends.

4. Location, location, location

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Do you want to spend each day where the action is, or are you keen to stay out of the hustle and bustle? Do you want to be close to home, or explore somewhere new? How important is the time it will take you to commute?

Looking at just where a potential campus is located and what the surrounding area has to offer is one top way to help you pick where you’ll enrol.

Check out the facilities both on and off-campus, and make sure you’re selecting a uni that suits your lifestyle, not just where you think you should be spending the next few years.

5. Learn from experience

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Uni isn’t just about studying up on facts and figures. It’s not just about learning the basics of a skill or practice. It’s also about getting you ready to work in your chosen field.

It’s essential to choose a uni that offers you the chance to gain practical industry experience while you learn – not only will you get a better sense of what things are like out in the “real world”, you’ll get a chance to make a bunch of cool contacts too.

Keen to turn your tertiary journey into a travel opportunity? Broaden your horizons and immerse yourself in another culture through an overseas exchange. These kinds of experiences empower you and give you a greater chance of employment – well before you graduate.

6. Decide what’s important

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When you're picking a place to study a degree, diploma or certificate, ask yourself what really matters to you. Is it about history and tradition? Or the doors your study choices will open up?

Are you keen to follow the crowd? Or are you more interested in innovation and creativity?

There’s so much to consider when you’re exploring potential study locations, but one of the most important factors is what you want out of the experience. Go with your gut, don’t be swayed by others, and pick the place that suits YOU.