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Students showcase marketing skills

Date posted: Wednesday 29 Jun 2011

Students showcase marketing skills

A team of marketing-savvy Swinburne students have left their mark on the first ever Australia-wide tertiary Microsoft ‘Protege’ competition.

After impressing the judges in the first two rounds of the competition, Swinburne’s ‘Team Projectile’ was invited to further showcase their marketing planning prowess at last week’s grand final in Sydney.

The team demonstrated how they would market the new Windows Smartphone to Australian tertiary students.  Ryan Bayly, Sam Burrell, Stacey Galloway and Anthony Artusa, finished in fourth place in the grand final.

Judy Rex, Deputy Head of Marketing and Operations Management at Swinburne, accompanied the team to Sydney where they presented their ideas to a panel of Microsoft and Wunderman (advertising agency) senior executives.

 “I was very proud of them. The judging panel was most impressed with the quality of the students’ ideas, research and presentation.”

“This project shows the success of Swinburne’s commitment to using real-life action projects as part of our teaching strategy,” she said. 

The purpose of the competition was to develop the marketing planning skills of Australian tertiary students showcasing the new Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile phone platform.

 “Our task was to research the mobile phone market and in particular how Microsoft could achieve a higher market share. We focussed on applying the theory to a practical situation rather than applying it to mock situations.  With the university student market, it was really easy for us to relate to the project,” Ryan said.

The students’ goal was to develop an integrated marketing plan and to communicate an edgy message through digital means such as online advertisements and social media.

“We spent a lot of time researching our target audience, understanding what students do such as going to music festivals and using social media like Facebook,” Stacey said.

Marketing Planning Convenor, Mark Tolson, said that the students did an amazing job both in the preparation of the plan and the quality of their proposed communications strategy.

“I really liked their concepts. What stood out to me was the depth of their plan and the cut-through of the creative, something that Microsoft really needs as they are a distant fourth player in an already crowded mobile market,” he said.

Approximately 1800 students Australia wide competed in the competition and around 25 of those students were from Swinburne. “This is a superb effort”, said Mark, “and it reflects Swinburne’s approach of developing students' skills to meet the challenges of today’s business world.”

The students were supported by their tutor's Joan Crowe and Julie Mitchell, Marketing Planning Convenor Mark Tolson and the Deputy Head of Marketing and Operations Management, Judy Rex.




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