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Showcasing Australian culture

Date posted: Friday 25 Mar 2011

Showcasing Australian culture

Swinburne’s international students were introduced to contemporary Australian culture at the university’s annual ‘Aussie Insights’ workshop.

Organised by Swinburne’s Careers and Employment Unit, the workshop was part of a wider project to assist international students gain part-time employment in Australia.

Swinburne's International Career Consultant, Olivia Doyle said that understanding Aussie pastimes forms an important part of the job seeking process and Australian workplace culture.

“We want to help our students develop the confidence to make small talk, build relationships and rapport as the development of interpersonal communication is crucial in the workplace and when seeking employment,” she said.

As part of the workshop, Hawthorn Football Club Cultural Director, Michael Nguyen introduced the students to the rules of AFL and taught them how to handball and kick a football. 

“Barracking for a football team helps international students to integrate in all sorts of situations including in the workplace,” Doyle said.

PBS radio presenter, Jenny O’Keefe also gave a roundup of Melbourne’s music scene. 

“It is important for international students to know what music is available to them and where to source it,” she said.

“Music is an integral part of Melbourne’s lifestyle and culture and it’s great for students to know that Melbourne has a very accessible music scene that caters to all tastes.”

Chinese student, Zhe Vrang, who moved to Australia two years ago to study, said he attended the event to learn more about Australian football. 

“I didn’t know anything about football, so I wanted to get to know the basics. The workshop was a lot of fun and now I feel like I know a bit more about how the game works and why it is such a big part of Australian culture,” he said.

Vietnamese students, Hanh Dong and Diem Le attended the workshop as part of their English language studies at Swinburne.

“Australia is very different to our country so this was a good chance to get to know the culture better. I hope to continue studying at Swinburne to receive my bachelor degree,” Hanh said.



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