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Help musicians with bipolar disorder

Date posted: Tuesday 5 Oct 2010

During October, vote online to fund the development of the Mojo Project, an online intervention program for musicians with bipolar disorder.

Growing out of the expertise of the National e-Therapy Centre (NeTC) based at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, the Mojo Project is a proposed online program for sleep management that musicians with bipolar disorder can access at their convenience.

Bipolar disorder is often associated with creativity, with several celebrated musicians including Sting, Tom Waits and Macy Gray revealing that they’ve been diagnosed with the condition.

“The lifestyle that most musos lead is not conducive to the regular sleep that their body needs,” said Swinburne Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Psychology Programs, Dr Greg Murray, who studies circadian rhythms in mood disorders.

“This regular sleep is even more critical for people with bipolar disorder as disturbed sleep patterns can trigger relapses into mania.”

To kick-start the Mojo project, the Sean Costello Memorial Fund has submitted a $50,000 grant request to the Pepsi Refresh Everything project.

If successful, the project will fund the tailoring of a program by Murray for musicians with bipolar disorder.

If you are a US resident aged over 13 and would like to support the Mojo project, visit during October 2010 to register and vote.

The Pepsi Refresh Everything project hosts a popularity poll to give away millions to fund ideas that can ‘change the world’. Each month project proposals are listed at the website. Visitors to the site can vote for their favourite ideas, with the most popular projects ‘winning’ funding from Pepsi.

Swinburne’s Associate Professor Greg Murray and Professor Sheri L Johnson from the University of California – Berkley recently co-authored an article published in Clinical Psychology Review. The clinical significance of creativity in bipolar disorder concludes that creativity is a patient characteristic that affects treatment outcomes in bipolar disorder.

Murray and Johnson are founding members of the scientific committee of the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research. The Fund was established in honour of young blues guitarist Sean Costello, who died in 2008 of an unintentional drug overdose.



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