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A taste of Australian culture

Date posted: Thursday 22 Apr 2010

A taste of Australian culture

Swinburne University’s international students will be introduced to Australian culture through a talk about quintessential Melbourne pastimes.  

As part of a workshop preparing students for the Australian job market, Hawthorn Football Club’s Michael Nguyen will introduce the students to AFL and teach some basic football skills.  

City of Boroondara Youth Officer Cobina Crawford will also give an overview of Melbourne’s iconic music culture.   

"The talk will centre on an almost anthropological exploration of Melbourne's myriad of music subcultures - Emos, Hipsters, Shufflers, Bogans - and everything in between," Crawford said. 

"The recent Save Live Australian Music Rally drawing thousands into the city in defence of live venues is testament to the thriving underground music culture that makes Melbourne truly unique." 

"Equipping students with the kind of nuanced cultural knowledge that falls through the cracks of most induction programs, the talk will enable students to move confidently into the city’s diverse cultural life - enriching both study and social experiences along the way." 

“Swinburne is helping to educate international students by not only focussing on technical skills and formal qualifications, but also teaching them about broader Australian culture which will help them to fit into the workplace,” said Swinburne international career consultant Olivia Doyle.  

“Football and music are topics Australians use when making small talk - for example during tea and coffee breaks or even at the start of job interview or meeting.  We are trying to help international students feel more confident, as well as enable them to speak about general topics they can use to engage with and feel part of their work team.” 

At the workshop, the Hawthorn Football Club will be giving away 150 free tickets to the Hawthorn vs. Essendon clash at the MCG on 1 May. 

The City of Boroondara, in conjunction with the City of Melbourne, has also organised for students to attend a Melbourne jazz club performance.

This workshop is being held as part of a series of seminars tailored to meet the needs of international students.

Swinburne can also assist employers by preparing international students and graduates for advertised job roles. Employers who can offer work experience or employment opportunities can contact Olivia Doyle or Penny Corser-Hatten on 9214 5360.


Media note: The seminar will be held on Friday 23 April from 12.30pm - 2.00pm in EN413, Hawthorn campus. Photo opportunities will be available.



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