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Scholarships kick start talented students

Date posted: Friday 26 Mar 2010

Scholarships kick start talented students

As students leave high school behind to take on other challenges, 17 students with outstanding VCE results will get a head start to university life. On 30 March, each will be presented with a Swinburne University Vice-Chancellor's scholarship.

The scholarships are available to students who achieve an ENTER of at least 97.00. They exempt students from paying the Student Contribution Amount for their course.

According to engineering student Jacob Campbell, the scholarship will give him more time. “I’ll be able to give back to the university community by attending and helping with workshops and open days in the future,” he said.

Aside from covering university fees, the scholarships provide motivation for the students, who need to maintain good marks to keep them. Katelyn Fabri, enrolling in arts and social sciences, said her scholarship would help her achieve her career ambitions.

“The scholarship will allow me to focus on my studies for the next few years, and work towards my goal of completing postgraduate study to become a registered psychologist,” Fabri said.

The students will receive their Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships at Swinburne's Scholarship Ceremony on 30 March at the Hawthorn Town Hall from 5.30pm.



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