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New opportunities for scholarship students

Date posted: Monday 29 Mar 2010

New opportunities for scholarship students

Looking for a different perspective on their studies, international students from Vietnam, Germany and Alaska have been given the opportunity to study at Swinburne University of Technology. On 30 March, each will be presented with an Education Australia Student Mobility Scholarship.

The scholarships are awarded to those undertaking studies in either a Swinburne ‘Study Abroad’ program or as part of a Swinburne exchange program. Each student receives A$5000 towards the cost of living and travel expenses.

Lu Tran, born in Vietnam and raised in Germany, will spend one semester at Swinburne studying multimedia design before returning to Germany to finish her Bachelor of Communication Design at Fachhochschule Muenster.

“In my course in Germany my focus is on graphic design. But while I’m in Australia I would like to gain a new perspective in the area of multimedia and web design to enhance my degree,” Tran said.

“The scholarship will enable me to concentrate more on my study without the financial worries. With the money I received I can afford my own room for privacy and quiet study.”

Tran said she would like to spend more time studying in Australia.

“Australia is a wonderful country and I believe Swinburne to be a very good university with a very effective teaching system. I would love to stay here longer as there is so much more to explore in Australia and so much I still have to learn about web design,” she said.

The students will receive their mobility scholarships at Swinburne's Scholarship Ceremony on 30 March at the Hawthorn Town Hall from 5.30pm.



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