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Cyril Jankoff

Cyril Jankoff

Swinburne Professional facilitator

Throughout his career, Cyril Jankoff has been involved in advising on the strategic, financial and contractual/legal aspects relating to many projects, contracts and businesses. He has also been involved in the accounting and finance functions of many businesses. He is the CEO of a services company trading locally and in Asia.

He writes, teaches and mentors in the area of business management. His strength lies in his ability to draw on his wide knowledge and expert skills in a number of fields to enable him to present this course in its true practical and real life context. Cyril has university degrees in accounting, law, management and adult education.

Cyril is an entrepreneur and has practised as an accountant and business consultant. Cyril has worked as a financial controller, solicitor, university lecturer, corporate trainer and Australia and Oceania manager for a division of a listed global publishing company.