Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours)

Video transcript

[Animation showing a stressed out engineering student sitting at a worn out desk. She is holding an exam paper in her hands surrounded by hundreds of other students.]

NARRATOR: There’s a new way to get your engineering degree at Swinburne without ever attending a single lecture, or sitting a single exam.

[The student begins to daydream. A thought cloud appears in the air showing a team of engineers working on a robotic farming design. There are sticky notes everywhere with icons of vegetables, data visualizations and machine designs].

NARRATOR: Imagine starting your studies in a professional environment rather than a traditional classroom. The thought cloud expands to take up the entire screen the student jumps into the cloud and begins collaborating with the team on the design.

NARRATOR: Imagine collaborating on projects that have the potential to impact on the real world.

[All around the collaborating engineers, icons of a variety of exciting-looking projects begin to pop up].

NARRATOR: With Swinburne’s Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours), you will be treated as a professional from day one. Glean real insights into industry through collaboration with industry partners and apply new skills instantly through project-based learning. It’s a revolutionary approach to higher education.

[We see an antique rotary-style telephone ringing and vibrating on the table.]

NARRATOR: Our world is rapidly changing, and it’s our engineers who are responsible for creating the technology of the future.

[The telephone spins on its axis, transforming first into a Nokia 5110, and then again into a black smart phone only a few millimeters thin. On the screen is an icon of a Tesla-eqsue car and the words “Transport Arriving”. The camera zooms out to see the phone in the hands of our engineering student. In the background a driverless car arrives and the doors open upwards like the wings of a bird.]

NARRATOR: We need innovators, risk-takers, creators who can anticipate the needs of tomorrow and build solutions today. We need engineers who have the skills and confidence to meet tomorrow’s challenges head on.

[Inside a driverless car, the engineering student is talking with a friend. He is adorned with wearable technologies and sitting in the place where a driver usually sits. Various Head-Up-Display (HUD) elements appear around the cabin]

NARRATOR: Co-designed and co-delivered by industry professionals, Swinburne's Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours) is a new approach to engineering education for a new era of engineers.

NARRATOR: So what are you waiting for? Learn more at