First Aid Courses and Training

Obtain the skills, training and knowledge you need to provide first aid and respond to medical emergencies. Learn how to manage a casualty, perform resuscitation, provide vital first aid to injuries, or give emergency life support.

Update your skills with one of Swinburne's advanced first aid courses or start from scratch with a level 1 first aid course in the fundamentals.

Swinburne covers varied educational needs from accredited first aid courses aimed at major organisations, to first aid trainer courses for remote locations. Utilise the university's expertise in health and safety through the Swinburne Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (COHST).

First aid abilities and competencies are some of the very important skills you learn in our training courses. In the case of an accident or health episode that is critical, it requires a knowledgeable and confident worker to provide that first medical response care that can save a life or drastically enhance the outcome for the individual.

Professionals from a variety of different backgrounds such as Supervisors, Managers should undertake a senior first aid class early on within their profession as well as a regular first aid refresher course each year thereafter.

First Aid short courses


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