Faculty of Business and Law

Social and Environmental Sustainability in Organisations Research Group


Group members


Dr Cristina Neesham (SESIO Co-Leader)

Senior Lecturer, Philosophy and Ethics in Management and Organisation


Dr Subhash Abhayawansa (SESIO Co-Leader)

Senior Lecturer, Accounting and Finance 


Professor Carol Adams

Professor of Accounting 


Dr Mohammad Azim

Senior Lecturer, Accounting 

Dr Julia Benkert

Lecturer, Management 

Professor Keryn Chalmers

Professor of Accounting,
Dean, Swinburne Business School


Dr Evangeline Elijido-Ten

Senior Lecturer, Accounting 


Professor Christine Jubb

Professor of Accounting 


Dr Diana Rajendran


Senior Lecturer, Management drajendran@swin.edu.au

Dr Cheree Topple


Lecturer, Management


Dr Dina Wahyuni

Lecturer, Accounting 


Dr Samuel Wilson

Senior Lecturer, Management 


Research students

NamePositionResearch topic
Masum Al Syed PhD Candidate Decision usefulness of integrated reporting
Jim Kapetangiannis PhD Candidate Property development as a profession: protecting the public interest in good living
Zihan Liu PhD Candidate Board diversity and interlocking directorates:  Their association with integrated reporting
Stefan Lodewyckx PhD Candidate

Exploring the workings of the regulatory process: the case of endocrine disrupting chemicals

Dan O'Sullivan PhD Candidate The role of natural gas in meeting climate change targets: making sustainable energy supply choices
Adam Scott PhD Candidate Sustainability tensions within Australian environmental social enterprises
Neelam Setia PhD Candidate Transition from sustainability reporting to integrated reporting: An examination of the change in agenda for sustainability disclosures through the lens of stakeholder theory
Linda Wedari PhD Candidate GHG emissions: environmental, social and financial performance


Associate members


Dr John Purcell

Senior Adviser, Sustainability Policy, CPA Australia
SESIO Industry Advisor

Dr Timothy Nelson

Chief Economist, AGL / Associate Professor, Griffith University
SESIO Industry Advisor

Dr Eva Tsahuridu

Industry Fellow, School of Accounting, RMIT University
SESIO Industry Advisor


Prof Eric Pezet Professor, University of Paris Nanterre (France)  eric.pezet@u-paris10.fr
Associate Professor Alejandro Agafonow Associate Professor, School of Commercial Sciences Angers – ESSCA (France)  Alejandro.AGAFONOW@essca.fr
Associate Professor Brent Beal Associate Professor of Management, College of Business and Technology, University of Texas at Tyler (United States)  bbeal@uttyler.edu
Mhamed Byigautane Research and Teaching Associate, Swinburne Business School  mbiygautane@swin.edu.au