Swinburne Philanthropy Alumni (SPA)

Connect with alumni who are passionate about philanthropy and social investment through the Swinburne Philanthropy Alumni (SPA) group.

SPA is a Melbourne-based alumni group established by students from the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) Program for Asia-Pacific Social Investment and Philanthropy (APSCIP).

Their goal is to bring Centre for Social Impact students and alumni together with industry, to contribute to the quality of the philanthropic sector in Australia. They do this by sharing experiences and practical opportunities, and by building relationships.

The group was formed in 2005 by students who wanted to contribute to the broader community and gain experience by practically applying their learning. To complement the work of the centre, SPA set up a fund from which they can provide grants, giving members the opportunity to learn about philanthropy from real experience.

SPA members are involved in issues affecting philanthropy and social investment practice in Australia and beyond and include those who work in philanthropic roles in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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