Submissions to government

Swinburne frequently makes submissions to government to shape policy decisions that affect both Swinburne and tertiary education in Australia more generally. Recent submissions are available here for download.

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    Inquiry into the Australian automotive industry [PDF, 109KB]

    Australia has the potential to be a nation of engineering and manufacturing excellence. In a submission to the Senate Ecomomics References Committee, Swinburne state that the closure of Australia's auotomotive manufacturing industry should be seen as a catalyst to transform and grow this sector into new and prosperous areas. Swinburne supports the government's Industry Growth Centres Initiative to create the policies that will support industry to grow.

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    Submission to the Boosting the Commercial Returns of Research discussion [PDF, 288KB]

    Swinburne’s submission to the Australian Government’s discussion paper Boosting the Commercial Returns of Research was dedicated to our late Deputy Vice-Chancellor (R&D), Professor George Collins. In the submission, Swinburne argues that the single biggest factor in a university’s success in securing strong commercial outcomes is the culture of innovation created by the university itself..

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    Keeping higher education fees in check: the options [PDF, 63KB]

    A number of mechanisms have been proposed to moderate likely fee increases from 2016. This resource presents how each of the proposed mechanisms would work and how strongly each would operate to produce downward pressure on prices set by higher education providers following deregulation. October 2014.

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    ARENA Repeal Bill [PDF, 65KB]

    This submission is to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee on the proposed Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) Repeal Bill 2014.

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    Digital White Paper Submission [PDF, 220KB]

    This is a joint submission to the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy from Professor Leon Sterling, Dean Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies and President, Australian Council of Deans of ICT. January 2013.