Organisational structure

The Swinburne University of Technology Act 2010 governs the University under Victorian law. See the Leadership and governance section for information about the Council and Academic Senate. 

Our organisational structure is detailed below. You can also read more about our subsidiaries and entities.



Professor John Pollaers

Vice-Chancellor and President

Professor Linda Kristjanson AO

Academic Senate

Chair: Professor Bernadine Van Gramberg
Deputy Chair: Professor Chris Pilgrim


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Professor Duncan Bentley

  • Faculty of Business and Law* – Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Gilding
  • Faculty of Health, Arts and Design* – Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Scott Thompson-Whiteside
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology* – Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Hung Nguyen AM
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation and Change) – Professor Sarah Maddison
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) – Professor Monica Kennedy
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Quality) – Professor Chris Pilgrim
  • Director of Learning Transformations – Associate Professor Liz Branigan
  • NICA Executive Director – Rose Stephens
  • Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship Director – Mr Alexander Kaiser

*Executive Deans have a dotted reporting line to DVC – R&D for Research Performance
  Executive Deans are members of the Swinburne Executive Group

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Pathways and Vocational Education)

Ms Mish Eastman (Acting)

  • PAVE Operations, Executive Director – Mish Eastman
  • Major Projects, Executive Director – Sharon Rice
  • Director, Business, Design, Media and ICT Programs – Simona Jobbagy
  • Director, Health, Science and Community Programs – Lisa Devlin Neale
  • Director, Trades and Engineering Technologies Programs – Terry McEvoy
  • Director, Foundation and Pathways Programs – Kathleen Drew
  • Director, Business Services – Caryn Phillips
  • Director, Policy and Quality - Christine Hayes

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Development)

Professor Aleksandar Subic

  • Graduate Research and Research Training Pro Vice-Chancellor – Professor Bernadine Van Gramberg
  • International Research Engagement Pro Vice-Chancellor – Professor Ajay Kapoor
  • Research Executive Director – Dr Tania Bezzobs
  • Research Development, Innovation and Commercialisation Pro Vice-Chancellor – Professor Matthew Cuthbertson
  • Research Performance and Development PVC – Professor Alan Kin-Tak Lau
  • Research Policy and Impact Pro Vice-Chancellor – Professor Beth Webster
  • Research Quality Pro Vice-Chancellor – Professor Qing-Long Han
  • Director, Data Science Research Institute – Professor Timos Sellis
  • Director, Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute – Professor Gavin Lambert
  • Director, Manufacturing Futures Research Institute – Professor Bronwyn Fox
  • Director, Smart Cities Research Institute – Professor Mark Burry
  • Director, Social Innovation Research Institute – Professor Jane Farmer

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer Sarawak

Professor John Wilson

  • Academic Affairs Director – Associate Professor Enn Ong
  • Audit and Risk Assistant Manager – Mr Ahmad Hisham Abdul Halim
  • Business Development and Liaison Director – Mr James Ho Kok Chai
  • Finance and Business Analysis Manager – Ms Jessie Kok
  • Resources Manager – Ms Andrea Sim
  • Marketing and Communications Director – Mr Jagdish Singh
  • Research and Consultancy Director – Associate Professor Wallace Wong
  • Student and Corporate Services Director – Ms Caroline Hon
  • Student Engagement Registrar and Director – Haji Hussain bin Taiban

Vice-President (Engagement)

Ms Jane Ward

  • Advancement Director – Ms Michelle MacGregor-Owen
  • Collaborations and Partnerships Director – Janine Shearer
  • Swinburne Professional Director – Mr Robert Chetwynd
  • Multicultural Engagement Director – Mr Chin Tan
  • Professional Placements Director – Ms Xenia Haysom
  • Student Engagement Director, Pro Vice-Chancellor – Professor Glen Bates
  • Swinburne Student Life Director – Mr Rod Thomson

Vice-President (People and Culture)

Ms Marcia Gough

  • Director, P&C Partnerships and Workplace Relations – Mr Troy McInnes
  • Director, Employee Experience – Ms Jessica Macintyre
  • Senior Manager, Shared Services – Mr Andy McLennan
  • Senior Manager, Health, Safety & Wellbeing – Mr Paul Kozina
  • Senior Manager, P&C Operations & Program Management – Ms Vera Di Zio

Vice-President (Students)

Dr Andrew J Smith

  • Student Administration and Library Services Director – Ms Michelle Gillespie
  • Marketing, Recruitment and Channel Integration Director – Ms Sarah Graham
  • Student and Academic Services Director – Ms Vivian Allard

Vice-President (Strategy & Innovation)

Mr Richard Bolt

  • Strategy and Commercial, Head – Mr David McCall
  • Governance, Legal and Integrity, General Counsel – Mr Tom Rowan
  • Business Analytics, Director – Mr Matthew Rudd
  • Communication and Media, Director – Ms Julia Scott
  • Campus Spaces, Director – Mr Drew Williamson

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President (Operations)

Ms Nancy Collins

  • Corporate and Operational Initiatives – Mr Stephen Baker-Smith
  • Facilities and Services (including BRAM) Director – Ms Lys Bradshaw
  • Director Procurement – Ms Rhiannon Jones
  • Business Performance Director and Deputy CFO – Stacey Di Cocco
  • Information and Communication Technologies Director – Ms Wendy Andrews (Acting)
  • Financial Controller – Mr Andrew Sullivan