Quality and compliance

Swinburne is committed to maintaining high standards of academic quality and continuous improvement. We publish various documents and information in accordance with the external academic regulatory requirements of:

Academic quality

The achievement of academic quality at Swinburne is guided by our Educational Quality Excellence Framework (Higher Education). This framework is underpinned by student-focused quality principles and processes that:

  • enable students to achieve their learning potential and career aspirations
  • use a collaborative approach where curriculum, pedagogy and student learning outcomes are supported by appropriate resources, facilities and student support
  • understand what our students (current and prospective) and other stakeholders (including professional bodies, employers and regulators) value now and in the future
  • implement evidence-based decision-making, using timely, valid and reliable data and external benchmarks
  • focus on maximising effectiveness and efficiency and avoiding non-value-adding bureaucracy
  • are bound by the University's risk framework and resource considerations
  • align with relevant state and federal legislation and regulatory requirements
  • engender a culture of continuous improvement via critical, honest and timely self-reflection and external review
  • enable a culture where quality is the responsibility of all staff.