Jobs at Swinburne transcript

Carolyn Beasley: Working in a university is different because it?s a space of blue skies. You get to work on new ideas, there?s a sense that if you raise an idea it gets taken seriously and you have the opportunity to move it through its various stages to success.

Ania Gruba: Personally I think we should have all kinds of people working for Swinburne. I think the best contributors are people who think a little bit differently. People who really should be looking to challenge the status quo, who are looking to think a little bit beyond well this is the way we have always done it so this is the way we should always do it.

Nishan Bandaranyake: You?ll be surround by a lot of talented people who will invest in your career. But also give you a chance to really excel and find that thing that really lights a spark in you.

Samantha Edwards-Vandenhoek: It?s open to innovation and change and new ways of doing things. So I think that is really progressive. And I think that affords young people the opportunity to imagine their own futures.

Nishan Bandaranyake: Swinburne is really heavily invested in giving our own staff opportunities to grow and flourish in their own careers.

Samantha Edwards-Vandenhoek: I feel really proud to be part of a community of researchers and educators and administrators that are really committed to making a difference to people?s lives.

Paul Kneebone: When people feel valued they want to give back to the community. So I feel proud to kind of, you know, feel like I?m relevant and I?m doing something of worth.